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  • Coaching somático, eres lo que practicas, y siempre estás practicando algo

    What will you get?

    1. Practical ways to work with the body as part of the client’s process of change.
    2. Experience of your own process of change through the body, to enable you to be more impactful with your clients.
    3. Understanding how to introduce this somatic coaching to clients in a way with which they find easy to engage.
    4. Ability to identify and work with the historical conditioning of clients, through the body, to help them move forward and achieve their goals.

    What will you learn?

    1. A framework or process for somatic change – how we change through our bodies.
    2. How to normalize somatic work for clients.
    3. A framework of interventions you can use with clients when working somatically.
    4. How to work with histories and conditioning held within the body and help the client to have more choice in these ares.
    5. Understanding the way in which we are shaped as bodies and selves, by a range of factors over time, and how we can work with this effectively in coaching.

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